Top 6 Best Campsites with Fishing Lakes for Family Camping

Campsites with Fishing Lakes

During summer camps, besides enjoying quality time with family people also like to do adventurous activities for entertainment and thrilling experiences. Alongside hiking, trekking, kayaking, biking people also do fishing activities in camping and choose the destination accordingly. Here we will show the top 6 best campsites with fishing lakes which is suitable for your family camping trip. The combination of camping and fishing may give you pleasure and enjoyment in your camping days. You need to search for perfect destinations for fishing with camping stay if you are taking your family and friends with you. A camping with a meal of fresh fish fillets will give you an exciting experience from your camping days. Let us see the best campsites with fishing facilities in the USA which you can visit.

List of Best Campsites with Fishing Lakes:

1. White Water State Park, Minnesota

campsites with Fishing
White Water State Park

In Minnesota, White Water State Park will provide you with a great fishing campground. The place is surrounded with the beauty of Minnesota Bluff lands. The experience of fishing with camping stay can be found here. The visit to this place will be suitable in the time of Autumn and Spring. The depth of the valley and the carpeted flower ambiance will soothe your mind and soul. Besides camping and fishing, the place is also famous for mushroom hunting. It will provide you with beautiful fishing campsites with 100 campground sites. Before going there, you need to do camping reservations to choose your spot. The place is large and open with good trailhead fishing spots, easy parking, beach and family-friendly environment.

2. Takhlakh Lake, Washington

Takhlakh Lake, Washington

The Takhlakh in Washington can be a good choice for a campsite with fishing lake. The place consists of 53 campsites with campgrounds by the lake and picnic spots. It has a boat ramp feature, the 1.1mile flat trail around the lake. You can see a clear view of the day from the top of it.  Takhlakh Lake is popular for the activities of fishing, kayaking, hiking and so on. You can get the facilities of washrooms, handicap accessibilities, picnic area and a family friendly environment here. It is important to do camping reservations before going to this place. Nature lover can get the feel of ultimate adventure and experience from doing camping in this place.

3. Gerle Creek Campground, California

best campsites with Fishing
Gerle Creek Campground, California

The Gerle Creek campground is perfect for camping and fishing for the fishing enthusiasts. The place is situated in Eldorado, California, having 400 miles trails of biking and hiking experience. It is a good place for family camping providing opportunities for fishing and water sports. You can find Hardwood forest around this place which can also give you the great experience of adventures. Camping reservation is needed before you go there. You can also do fishing activities in the nearby lakes named Union Valley Reservoir and Loon Lake. The mesmerizing side sceneries and the beauty of nature will soothe your heart and mind. You can also catch brown and rainbow trout early in the morning.

4. Winfield Campground, Georgia

Mexico Winfield Campground

Winfield Campground is a great campsite with a fishing facility. This fishing campground will give you the experience of fishing for largemouth, striped bass, catfish, and bream. You can enjoy a soothing sunshine day by doing family camping here. Hiking is also a popular activity you can perform here. The other sites include zoos, art galleries and restaurants to give you a perfect and cozy experience of camping. The place consists of 1,000 miles of shoreline and 70,000 acres Lake with activities of swimming, water skiing, boating etc. It has 80 campsites with well-designed washrooms, facility of pure drinking water, dump station, playground and boat ramp sites. You can also find wildlife and wilderness around the sites of the place.

5. Point Campground, Idaho

best campsites with Fishing

Point campground has great natural features with plentiful flowers and plants around the campground location. It is in the center of the beautiful Sawtooth national recreational area. The place provides great outdoor activities of water skiing, fishing, boating, kayaking in the “RED Fish Lake”. The campground is available for camping tents, trucks, RVs, with the facilities of Flushed washrooms and pure drinking water. It has also a swimming beach and Sandy Beach boat ramp adjacent to the campground. Point Campground will be a great choice for your family camping trip with kids. This place has also nearby restaurants and general stores for your purpose. You need to do a camping reservation before you go there.

6. Cayo Costa State Park, Florida

campsites with Fishing
Cayo Costa State Park, Florida

The Cayo Costa State Park is surrounded by beautiful beaches and pine, oak-palm forests and mangrove swamp. The way of going to this island is through private boats or ferry. The great attractions of this place include beach surfing, fishing, dolphins, family camping. To visit this place, you can choose winter season and you have to do reservations 11months before going there. The place provides private cabins or camping tents for family camping. You can go fishing in a distant place of the sea by booking boats. You can also go swimming in the sea or go for doing picnic under the shades, hiking in the trails or off-road bicycling. The ecology and history of the place will soothe your body and soul.

So, for combining camping and fishing you need to choose the best campsites with fishing facilities for your family camping trip. Before going to camping, you always should take your essential belonging with you and proper road maps, guidance and tips so that you can enjoy a perfect holiday vacation.


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